Principles of Penile Implant Revision Surgery

Title: Principles of Penile Implant Revision Surgery

Author: Andrew C. Kramer, MD 

Keywords: Penile implant revision, prosthetic urology, penile implant break

The video covers the concepts in penile implant revision surgery.  The concept stressed is that since an opportunity has presented to remove/replace the device due to break or malfunction, all device imperfections can be addressed as well.  Principles of pump replacement, reservoir management, and dissecting down to deflating cylinders safely is discussed. 

Acknowledgements: The author would like to acknowledge Dr. Steven K. Wilson for guidance with this video.

Cefalu CA1, Deng X, Zhao LC, , Morey. Safety of the "drain and retain" option for defunctionalized urologic prosthetic balloons and reservoirs during artificial urinary sphincter and inflatable penile prosthesis revision surgery: 5-year experience.  Urology. 2013 Dec;82(6):1436-9.