Successful cosmetic reduction corporoplasty and scrotoplasty in a patient with the complaint of self-perceived too large penis and scrotum

Authors : Robert Andrianne, Maxime Sempels, Christian Mormont, Marie Fontaine, Pierre Bonnet, David Waltregny

Key words : penis reduction, corporoplasty

A 48 year-old male with normal, harmonious sex life and normal erectile function wanted a significant size reduction of his penis. Nevertheles, he had been thinking of and wishing a penile and scrotum size reduction for the past 10 years. Since no surgical technique was available in the literature to perform such a reductive phalloplasty,  we sought to set up an innovant technique of corporoplasty.

A six months evaluation included two successive psychological evaluations and seven medical consultations to urologists : no psychological disorders and no co-morbidity. A serious preoperative informed consent was obtained from the patient. Preoperative measurements of the girth and length of the penis were 10cm and 11cm in the flacid state, respectively, and 15.5cm and 16cm, respectively, at erection.

The video shows the technique used for this penile reduction.

After a complete degloving of the penis, the reduction in girth was done by  two lateral longitudinal albuginea resection of the two corpora cavernosa. A runnig suture was carried out to close the corpora, with a non-resorbable mono-filament material. Afterwards the reduction in length was done by a plication technique. A modified «Tom Lue Dot plication» was used by applying this technique to the 4 meridians (dorsal and ventral). Finally, a scrotoplasty was done to achieve a harmonious and proportional aspect of the genitalia.

No postoperative complication was encountered. Postoperative girth and lenght in the flaccid situation were : 10cm and 5cm, respectively, while girth and lenght in erection were : 12cm and 9 cm. After 8 months, the patient reported excellent functionnal and cosmetic results and is very satisfied. His erectile function is preserved and even improved.

Acknowledgements : None

Disclosures : Consultant for Boston/AMS, Coloplast

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