Removal and Replacement of IPP with Bilateral Distal Corporoplasty for management of SST Deformity

Author(s): Aram Loeb, MD; Laura Bukavina, MD; MPH; Kirtishri Mishra, MD; Megan Cooper, DO; Michael Wang, BS; Rafael Carrion, MD

Key words: Penile implant, SST deformity; corporoplasty

This video covers the case of a 47 year old male with severe Peyronie’s disease that resulted after a penile fracture, which was managed non-operatively during the initial encounter.  After developing the curvature, the patient underwent multiple inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) placements.  When he presented to us, he had a significant supersonic transporter (SST) deformity, and was unsatisfied with the cosmesis.  SST deformity can be a devastating complication, and may lead to patients being apprehensive of utilizing their prosthesis, which was the case in our patient.(Mulhall and Kim 2001, Bickell, Manimala et al. 2016)  The video demonstrates our technique for performing bilateral distal corporoplasty for these cases.  After obtaining adequate exposure of the corpora, a distal coporotomy is made, making sure to stay outside the capsule around the prosthesis.  This plane is dissected as distally as possible.  Subsequently, serial dilation with the Brooks dilators is performed to reestablish the plane for the new prosthesis placement.  This video also highlights the rest of the procedure in detail to fully demonstrate the prosthesis placement and closure.  No additional glanspexy was needed, and the patient was very satisfied with the end result.

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