Eight-dot extended corporotomy: A more secure, aesthetic and time efficient technique for semirigid penile prosthesis implantation

Author: Ahmed M. Ragheb, MD, PhD, FECSM
Department of Urology, Faculty of Medicine, Beni-Suef University, Egypt

Key words: Eight-dot, Corporotomy, Penile implant

This video introduces a new approach that may simplify semirigid penile prosthesis implantation (SPPI) while ensuring implant integrity and optimizing procedure efficiency and accuracy. Through an illustrated live surgery video, we demonstrate step by step the 8-dot extended corporotomy preplaced suture technique that avoids overbending of implant rods and potentially weakening them during implantation and leading to future spontaneous fracture as formerly postulated or by needle nicking during corporotomy suturing. Via a purely scrotal incision, a self-retaining mastoid retractor is used for maintained exposure throughout the procedure. The 8-dot corporotomy is a simple technique that facilitates all steps of SPPI in a timely and secure manner. Moreover, the purely scrotal approach using the self-retaining mastoid retractor not only allows applying the “No touch” technique for SPPI but results in a more aesthetic outcome compared to the classic penoscrotal or subcoronal incisions. The fact that self-retaining mastoid retractors are readily available may allow surgeons in underserved areas to provide good quality medical service corresponding to the standard practice in properly equipped hospitals.

Acknowledgements: None

Disclosures: The author has nothing to disclose


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