Illustration of Physics Principles at Work with Penile Implant Surgery

Authors: Megan Lerner, MeiLin Grunnagle, Andrew Kramer

Key words: penile implant, column strength rigidity

The video covers the way that form meets function in terms of understanding penile anatomy through the lens of penile implant surgery.  With this HD video demonstration, we show that the erect penis has 5 major factors- paired structures, divergence of the crus, sitting on the hard bones of the ischium, half in/half out anatomy, and thicker base versus top.  In the video, the anatomic factors come to life giving a demonstration of how column strength and axial rigidity is derived from various penile anatomic factors.  Two medical students who are learning the approach given a demonstration and description that engages the listener. 

Acknowledgements: concepts derived from Dr. Irwin Goldstein and Dr. Steve Wilson


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