Placement of 3-piece inflatable prosthesis and urethral mesh for climacturia and erectile dysfunction

Authors: Laurence A Levine M.D., Matthew Ziegelmann M.D., Ryan Farrell M.D., Adam Wiggins B.S.

Key words: Mini-Sling, Mini-Jupette, MUMS, Prosthesis, Climacturia, Mesh

The male urethral mini-sling, in combination with placement of an inflatable penile prosthesis, is a surgical approach to treat patients experiencing post-radical prostatectomy erectile dysfunction with concurrent climacturia and/or mild stress urinary incontinence. The technique in this video represents a modification to the “mini-jupette,” as described by Robert Andrianne, MD, in 2005. Initial results are excellent, with >90% of men reporting complete resolution of climacturia and 85% reporting improvement in stress incontinence.


Disclosures: Laurence A. Levine is a speaker for- and member of the advisory board for Coloplast; a speaker for Boston Scientific, and on the advisory board of Gesiva medical. The remaining authors declare no relevant financial interests