Everything you want to know about IPP via subcoronal incision

Authors: Sung Hun Park, Cesar Mora-Estaves, Steven K Wilson

Key words: penile implant, subcoronal incision, disposable retractor

This video covers tips and tricks with step by step surgical method of subcoronal incision for inflatable penile prosthesis placement. Subcoronal incision has several advantages including excellent exposure for fixing Peyronie’s, best match for local anesthesia and easier pump & reservoir placement. Several surgical steps are highlighted: complete dissection of Dartos fascia, applying twin Deaver maneuver to expose proximal corpora, deploying disposable Wilson retractor with Cowboy blanket roll to facilitate the exposure and minimize distal corporal crossover or urethral perforation. In summary, we believe the subcoronal incision has the advantage of the infrapubic incision in reservoir placement and the advantage of the penoscrotal incision in pump placement.

Acknowledgements: Educational grant from Coloplast

Disclosures:SK Wilson consultant for AMT, Coloplast, International Medical Devices, Lecturer for Boston Scientific.  Stockholder for NeoTract, Sung Hun Park – consultant for Coloplast and Boston Scientific, Cesar Mora-Estaves – None


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