Scrotal Tunnel and Ventral Phalloplasty-- a practical alternative to the split thickness skin graft for penile skin coverage

Author: Bhavik B. Shah MD 

Key Words: Penile reconstruction, penile skin coverage, liquid silicone explant. 

This video provides a novel technique one may utilize when addressing the challenges of removing a "self-made" liquid silicone girth enhancement implant.  The video shows the consequential result of self-addressing concerns about penile size.  This trend of inserting penile objects appears to be most prevalent among men in areas of Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. More importantly this video provides an alternative to the split thickness skin graft that may be extremely advantageous in any setting requiring penile skin coverage where there is sufficient scrotal skin available. The obvious negative to the use of scrotal flaps apply, including the use of hair bearing skin on the penile shaft.  Step by step instructions are given to make this procedure easily reproducible. 

Acknowledgement: None

Disclosures: The authors have nothing to disclose


References: 1. Sasidaran, Ramesh, et al. “Low-Grade Liquid Silicone Injections as a Penile Enhancement Procedure: Is Bigger Better?” Urology Annals, Medknow Publications & Media Pvt Ltd, Sept. 2012,