Application of a Minimally Invasive Trans Corporal Incision to Correct Peyronie’s Disease at the Time of Penile Implant Placement

Author: Felicia L. Balzano, Jonathan N. Warner

Key Words: Prosthesis, Peyronie’s disease, Sexual dysfunction

This video discusses a brief history of Peyronie’s disease at the time of prosthetic placement as well as presenting our experience with a novel algorithm to approach Peyronie’s disease at the time of penile prosthetic placement. Our algorithm highlights both length restoration as well as neurovascular bundle elevation minimization. We then go on to describe our use of an internal transverse incision via a ventral corporotomy to correct dorsal curvature, also known as the Brock technique. This video highlights this novel use of the technique as well as our outcomes of our novel algorithm.   

Acknowledgement: The City of Hope Reconstructive Urology Fellowship is supported by an educational grant from Coloplast

Disclosures: Dr. Jonathan Warner is a consultant for Boston Scientific, Coloplast, and Olympus 


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