The Rigicon Infla10® IPP implantation via the penoscrotal and subcoronal approaches: the UKSH experience

Authors: Daniar Osmonov and Ahmed Ragheb

Key Words: Infla10, penile implant, penoscrotal, subcoronal, Kiel

This video was recorded at the University Hospital Campus Kiel, Germany which is one of the first European centers of excellence to implant Rigicon devices. The German experience with the new Infla10® penile implant, represented by the Kiel School of Prosthetic Urology, is demonstrated via a step-by-step instructive video of two penile prostheses implantations. We utilized the penoscrotal approach for our first patient and the subcoronal approach for our second. While elaborating the steps of the procedures, we highlight the various unique features of the new Infla10® device related to the cylinders, reservoir, and pump. We used the high submuscular reservoir location for our first implantation and the traditional retropubic reservoir implantation for our second patient.

Acknowledgement: None

Disclosures: The authors have nothing to disclose