Penuma(R) Concealed Technique Featuring A New Scrotal Incision

Authors: Steven K Wilson, James J. Elist, Kambiz Tajkarimi, Laurence Levine, Robert Valenzuela, Shawn Blick

Key Words: Penuma Implant, Girth, Enhancement, Cosmetic Urology, Penile Implant, Cosmetic Improvement of Penis

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the “concealed” technique with the insertion of the Penuma® implant through a scrotal incision. Multiple prosthetic urologists have conducted the Penuma® insertion procedure, employing the “concealed” technique. The technique is demonstrated and narrated in the video. Patients were followed post-operatively for at least three months following the procedure to help identify the benefits of the “concealed” technique versus the traditional infrapubic approach. The new scrotal approach appears to be a simpler, quicker, and more aesthetically favorable alternative to the traditional suprapubic approach. The “concealed” technique is especially ideal in cosmetic surgery where peno-centric patients are focused on penile appearance. Physicians employing the use of the scrotal incision seem to agree that there is a lessened chance of seroma formation, simpler post-operative care, and favorable immediate results. Further evaluation must be conducted to identify additional benefits, but the initial benefits appear to be very promising.

Acknowledgement: We acknowledge International Medical Devices for sponsoring the production of this video.


Steven K Wilson:  Consultant for AMT, Coloplast, International Medical Devices, Uramix

James J Elist: Medical Director of International Medical Devices

Laurence Levine: Consultant for International Medical Devices

Robert Valenzuela: Consultant for International Medical Devices