Auxetic Technique Application in Cases of Corpora Cavernosa Fibrosis

Authors: Alexandre Miranda

Key Words: Auxetic technique, penile fibrosis, penile prosthesis.

The video shows the first two cases of corpora cavernosa (CC) expansion, using the new auxetic technique as soon as the new device (auxetic guide - patent pending) to allow the perfect placement of the star shape incisions. We present two extensive CC fibrosis cases caused by penile prosthesis (PP) explantation after infection, treated using the new auxetic technique.[1] Both patients were submitted to transcrotal penile deglovement. In the first case, the neurovascular bundle (NVB) and urethra were mobilized to allow circumferential application of the auxetic incisions on CC, creating a new space to implant an 11 mm malleable PP. The star shape incision must be symmetrical, aligned, and equidistant to create the rotating triangles system. They rotate when the CC is stretched, generating a bidimensional expansion of the tunica albuginea. In the second case, the auxetic incisions were placed only in the lateral of the corpora cavernosa without detaching the NVB or urethra. This lateral application generates a local expansion of the tunica albuginea, creating adequate space to insert an inflatable PP with normal girth, avoiding aggressive corpora cavernosa dilation or the necessity to use small diameter PP.

Acknowledgement: None

Disclosures: The author is the creator of the auxetic guide.