Unilateral Corporal Reconstruction with Placement of a Single Penile Implant Cylinder: A Step-by-Step Revision

Authors: Crystal, Casado, Grace, Tanguilig, Haley, Watts, Jacob, Tannenbaum, Omer, Raheem

Key Words: Penile implant, surgical technique, Erectile Dysfunction, Penile Reconstruction

This video covers the surgical technique for a total unilateral corporal reconstruction with single cylinder implant placement revision in a patient with severe unilateral corporal fibrosis related to his prior penile implant erosions. Indications for a surgical penile implant revision are malfunction, mechanical failure, severe  infection, erosion and/or expulsion of penile implant. This video provides a step-by-step surgical revision technique when severe corporal fibrosis encountered in the setting of penile implant revision cases.

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