Ghattas technique: A modified malleable penile prosthesis

Authors: Ghattas, O

Key Words: Melleable penile prosthesis, Erectile dysfunction, Penile implant 

Penile prostheses are used as a cornerstone option in cases with erectile dysfunction that do not respond or reject the nonsurgical treatment options. Although inflatable prostheses are more frequent and associated with higher satisfaction rates, malleable prostheses are less complex with less frequent mechanical failure and more compliance in special cases such as poor hand dexterity. During clinical practice, we have seen cases with large penis requiring diameters larger than 13 mm. This video covers the “Ghattas technique,” in which we designed a polypropylene mesh sheath that is fixed to a 13-mm malleable prosthesis cylinder. Thus, we can increase the cylinder diameter for cases that need a larger prosthesis.

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1. Ghattas, O., Doheim, M. F., Kotb, H., & Burnett, A. L. . Modified malleable prosthesis with a fixed mesh: case series for the Ghattas technique. Asian Journal of Andrology, 2022: 24(2), 167.‏