Intracavernosal Penile Injection for Management of Erectile Dysfunction

Authors: Haley Watts, Crystal Casado, Grace Tanguilig, Omer Raheem

Key Words: Erectile dysfunction, Intracavernosal injection

This video covers the management of erectile dysfunction via intracavernosal penile injection. According to AUA guidelines, intracavernosal injection is indicated for assessment and treatment of erectile dysfunction, assessment of Peyronie’s disease, and assessment of both conditions often done with or without a duplex Doppler ultrasound. This video demonstrates the technique for intracavernosal injection both on a 3-dimensional medical model and on a live patient to enhance understanding. The video outlines the possible side effects that can occur with intracavernosal injection including priapism, local hematoma, penile pain, and drug reaction or allergy.

Acknowledgement: None

Disclosures: The authors have nothing to disclose.

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