Cylinder realignment for impending inflatable penile prosthesis erosion

Authors: Daniar K. Osmonov, Ahmed M. Ragheb, Klaus-Peter Junemann and Steven K. Wilson

Key Words: Impending erosion, Mulcahy technique, corporoplasty, inflatable penile prosthesis, IPP

Due the low incidence of impending IPP erosions, low volume implanters may be challenged by these cases. In many situations, capsule formation around the implant may suffice to hinder cylinder migration. Nevertheless, severe cases may require prompt recognition and repair otherwise will transform into infected implantations if the implant exits the skin. In this video, we present, step-by-step, the Mulcahy distal corporoplasty technique and cylinder realignment performed on a case of impending left side IPP erosion. This technique may be considered a safe and feasible approach for these particular cases, excluding the need for total corporal exposure. We hope this video serves as an instructive resource.

Acknowledgements: This video was filmed and edited in the Department of Urology and Pediatric Urology University Hospital Schleswig Holstein in Kiel, Germany.

Disclosures: The authors have nothing to disclose.


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