Efficient Penoscrotal Approach for Multiple Penile Procedures

Authors: Jayson Kemble, Eileen Byrne, Lexiaochuan Wen, J Nicholas Warner, Sevann Helo, Matt Ziegelmann, Tobias S Köhler

Key Words: Penile Prosthesis; Infection; Surgical Time; Surgical Technique

The penoscrotal approach for inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) implantation accounts for >80% of IPPs placed worldwide. This approach can also be used in Malleable implant placement and in scrotal decompression of priapism. Efficient and effective exposure with this approach can be challenging in inexperienced hands, with longer surgical times associated with an increased risk of infection. Here we demonstrate an efficient exposure for IPP up to corporal dilation using the penoscrotal approach.

Acknowledgements: None

Disclosures: Consultant for Coloplast


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