Artificial Urinary Sphincter Pressure Regulating Balloon Exchange: a Step-By-Step Guide

Authors: Jeffrey C. Loh-Doyle, Jeffery Lin, Stuart D. Boyd

Key Words: artificial urinary sphincter, pressure regulating balloon, revision, reservoir, lateral retroperitoneum

This video provides detailed instruction on how to exchange the pressure regulating balloon of the artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) when placed in the lateral retroperitoneum. This location has been used in all patients at our institution for over 35 years during AUS placement. With its intrinsically low pressure, ease of accessing, and absence of intestinal structures and major vasculature, the lateral retroperitoneum space can be safely used for prosthetic reservoir placement. Exchange of the pressure regulating balloon is a useful revision strategy in patients with persistent incontinence or if the urethra requires less pressure. All three reservoirs (51-60, 61-70, 71-80) are used for a variety of indications.

Acknowledgements: None

Disclosures: Jeffrey Loh-Doyle and Stuart Boyd are Consultants for Boston Scientific


1. Loh-Doyle JC, Nazemi A, Ashrafi A, Doumanian LR, Ginsberg DA, Boyd SD. Predictors of Device-related Complications After Exchange of the Pressure-regulating Balloon in Men With an Artificial Urinary Sphincter. Urology. 2020 Jan;135:154-158.