Repair of the Penile Suspensory Ligament: A Video Demonstration

Authors: Gideon Blecher, Christopher Love

Key Words: Penile Injury, Ligament repair, Erectile dysfunction, Suspensory ligament, Penile surgery

Injury to the penile suspensory ligament is a difficult diagnosis. Patients often have a history of trauma and may complain of erectile dysfunction, penile instability, or rotational directional abnormalities of their erect penis. If one can diagnose the problem, surgery is often helpful is restoring the natural anatomy. This video demonstrates a case of penile suspensory ligament repair. It helps viewers understand the approach and steps to repairing the suspensory ligament. It also highlights important considerations to avoid adverse outcomes.

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1. Ralph, O. Shroff, N. Anfosso, M. Blecher, G.  Ralph, D. Repair of the penile suspensory ligament for congenital and acquired pathology. BJU Int 2019. 124: 687-692