Double Distal Corporal Anchoring Stitch For Lateral Penile Implant Cylinder Extrusion: A Step-by-Step Surgical Technique

Authors: Omer A. Raheem, Senthooran Kalidoss, Alfredo Suarez-Sarmiento, Paul E. Perito

Key Words: Double fixation stitch, surgical technique, impending lateral extrusion, penile implant, surgical revision procedure

This video covers the surgical technique for the correction and fixation of laterally extruded distal inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) implant cylinders from the surgical capsule they are sealed within. This patient, with a 20-year history of diabetes, presented 3 years post IPP implantation with a lateral extrusion of one cylinder tip. This double distal fixation stitch technique, when performed after a corporoplasty and capsulotomy, anchors the distal cylinder tip more securely in place medially under the glans penis by creating a bridge between sutures. The fibrotic reactions created by the two sutures under the skin also help fixate the extruded cylinder to the proper position behind the glans. We demonstrate a step-by-step technique to use this double fixation stitch to secure extruded distal cylinders of an IPP implant placement.

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