Horizontal Plication and Reduction Corporoplasty for Penile Girth Discrepancy (Christmas Tree Deformity)

Authors: Ramzy Burns, Melissa Egert, Mary Soyster, Andre Alabd, Helen Bernie

Key Words: Peyronie’s, Horizontal Plication

This video displays a very rare form of Peyronie’s disease leading to a significant girth discrepancy. The patient was unable to have penetrative intercourse due to the girth. This deformity noted as a “Christmas Tree Deformity” as well as the surgical correction, have only been described in the literature once beforehand. The video displays the utilization of horizontal plication sutures to correct the girth discrepancy with significant improvement observed. The patient had an uncomplicated recovery and is able to now have successful penetrative intercourse.

Acknowledgements: None

Disclosures: None


1. Ferandez-Crespo R, Buscaino K, Parker J, Carrion R. A New Approach for Penile Girth Discrepancy: Modified Plication and Reduction Corporoplasty. AUA News. May 2021.