Surgical treatment of Peyronie┬┤s Disease: penile prosthesis with manual modeling

VJPU 2014; 1: 035

Wayne J.G: Hellstrom

Keywords: Peyronie´s Disease, penile prosthesis, Wilson´s modeling procedure

This video documents a state of the art lecture presented at the 16th world meeting of Sexual Medicine in São Paulo, Brasil. The lecture describes the following:  a. definition of Peyronie´s Disease, b. disease background, c. prevalence of Peyronie´s Disease, d. common treatment options, divided into conservative and surgical options. Surgical methods include: 1. Plication of contralateral side (Nesbit, Yachia, Essed-Schroder), 2. Incision/excision and grafting (dermis, vein, pericardium, SIS), 3. penile prosthesis and possible modeling/grafting. The indications for surgical reconstruction include: established disease (>12 month), unable to engage in coitus 2° to deformity and/or inadequate rigidity), failed conservative therapy and patient desires definitive correction. Detailed clinical recommendations describe a clinical algorhythm, which will help to choose an optimal surgical strategy. The second part of the lecture describes a treatment option for penile deformity by penile prosthesis persisting after implantation with a detailed description of the Wilson´s modeling procedure. This includes a step by step Video sequence describing a manual modeling, possible complications and their management.

Acknowledgements: Educational grant from Coloplast

Disclosures: Consultant for AMS and Coloplast


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