Intra Corporeal Robotic Assisted Vasovasostomy

VJPU 2014; 1:018

Key Words:  Robot-assisted microsurgery, vasovasostomy, male infertility

This video demonstrates the case of a patient with azoospermia secondary to bilateral mesh utilized in inguinal hernia repair. The patient was operated with the Da Vinci Robot with a combined intra and extra corporeal approach with a small extra corporeal incision. Length of the vas deferens was gained by this extracorporeal incision to achieve sufficient vas deferens intra corporeal for a patent anastomosis. For the anastomosis 3 intra and 3 extra luminal sutures 9/0 were used. Care is taken to make the anastomosis tension free. This patient was operated in day surgery setting, postoperative results are discussed and demonstrate a positive semen analysis after 8 weeks. 


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