Distal Tunical Repair

VJPU 2015; 2:041

Key words: penile disassembly; penile implant malfunction

This video demonstrates the case of a patient with a distal herniation of a penile implant with simultaneous malfunction of the penile implant. Surgery starts with a subcoronal incision and degloving of the penile shaft. The neurovascular bundle and the corpus spongiosum are dissected resulting in a penile disassembly according to Perovic. The tip of both corpora is removed from the glans penis and reconstructed with a Prolene hernia mesh for re-enforcement. The glans is fixed to the tip of both corpora cavernosa. A second transverse penoscrotal incision allows classical implantation of a Titan Coloplast implant after removal of the previous malfunctioned implant. After implantation a scrotoplasty is performed for cosmetic reasons.


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