(11) SST & Cylinder Erosion

VJPU 2014; 1: 039

Steven K Wilson

Key words: SST, Cylinder Erosion, Penile Implant

The video covers the postoperative complications of hypermobile glans known as SST and Impending cylinder erosion. The video makes the point that the appearance of hypermobile glans (SST) is caused most often by insertion of cylinders that are too short rather than a structural problem of the glans penis. The occurrence of cylinders too short is most often the result of incomplete dilatation, i.e. not getting to the proximal or distal corporal end rather than an error in measurement. The submission further illustrates how to repair the rare occurrence of a true hypermobile glans.

The second part of the video covers the postoperative complication of impending cylinder erosion in the distal penis, under the glans or pressing on the urethra. The etiology of the problem is illustrated. The method of repairing the defect depicted in this video employs natural tissue – the tough fibrotic capsule surrounding the cylinder. The repair was first described by John Mulcahy leaving components in place but the authors prefer to replace all the components with new sterile ones.

Acknowledgements: Educational grant from Coloplast

Disclosures: Consultant Abeon, AMS, Coloplast, NeoTract,


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