Body Donor Study of Ectopic and Traditional Reservoir Placement

VJPU 2013; 1: 012

Kohler T, Osmonov D, Wilson S

Key Words: Penile Implant, Retropubic Reservoir, Ectopic Reservoir

This video was filmed in a body donor laboratory in Kiel Germany. Traditional reservoir placement is illustrated on cadavers with external and internal cameras. Anatomic points of danger such as the iliac vein are demonstrated visually. Ectopic or high submuscular placement of the reservoir in the abdominal wall is also illustrated comprehensively by external and internal cameras. After viewing this video, the participant should feel comfortable with the landmarks of each type of reservoir placement and should understand why the high submuscular placement should result in a reservoir that is not visible under the abdominal skin.

Acknowledgements: Filmed at the 2nd International Wilson Course on Penile Implant and Incontinence Surgery, Kiel Germany

Disclosures: Abeon, AMS, Coloplast, NeoTract


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