High Submuscular Placement of Urologic Prosthetic Balloons and Reservoirs via Tran-scrotal Approach

VJPU 2013; 1: 011

Morey A, Wilson SK, Flemmons J, Cefalu C, Zhao L, Hudak S, Gheiler E

Key words: Ectopic Reservoir, Penile implant

The video covers the history of the development of a new location outside the retropubic space for the inflatable penile prosthesis reservoir and urinary sphincter balloon. The location is called high submuscular. It is actually placing the reservoir in the abdominal wall anterior to the transversalis fascia but posterior to the muscles of the abdomen. It illustrates the technique for inserting the reservoir through medical illustration and demonstrates the technique in live surgery and on a cadaver. Laparoscopic cameras enhance the viewers understanding. It outlines the rare but serious complications that can occur with traditional retropubic placement and makes a case for this high submuscular placement of reservoirs as a safer location.

Acknowledgements: Educational grant from Coloplast

Disclosures: Consultant Abeon, AMS, Coloplast, NeoTract


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