IPP Insertion and Vasectomy Using a Single Sub-Coronal Incision

VJPU 2015; 2: 046

Robert Valenzuela

Key Words: Penile Implant, Sub-coronal Incision, Vasectomy

This video documents a novel incision for placing an inflatable penile prosthesis. A sub-coronal incision is made and carried through Buck’s fascia but not involving the corpora cavernosa. The penile skin is then de gloved to two centimeters proximal to the junction of the skin with the pubis. After this corporal exposure is gained, the three-piece prosthesis is implanted. The insertion of the cylinders and reservoir is similar to the technique for implanting through a scrotal incision and the insertion of the pump is very similar to that the technique used in the infrapublic surgical procedure. Care must be taken to make the corporal incisions proximal enough to prevent the tubing from being visible under the penile skin. The authors suggest that this new incision may have less morbidity and may also facilitate placement of an inflatable penile prosthesis under local anesthesia

Acknowledgements: Educational Grant from Coloplast

Disclosures: Consultant AMS and Coloplast

References: none, new technique