Infected Penile Prosthesis: Salvage and Washout with Replacement with Semi Rigid Device

VJPU 2015; 2: 048

Churukanti G, Kramer A

Key Words: Penile Implant, Salvage, Infection

This video demonstrates the technique of removing an infected multi component penile prosthesis and replacing it with semi rigid rods. After removing all the infected components copious irrigation with a variety of antiseptic solutions is performed to remove all the bacterial contamination from the implant spaces. Unlike the classical salvage operation described by Mulcahy, the gowns, gloves and instruments are not changed prior to implanting another device. Also, unlike Mulcahy’s description, the authors believe it is more economical and more likely to succeed without subsequent infection if they replace the multi component prosthesis with a simple pair of malleable cylinders. They acknowledge many of the patients eventually with to replace the rods with a multi component device

Acknowledgements: none

Disclosures: Consultant for AMS


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