New Wound Closure Decreases Dehiscence Following IPP Insertion. Additional “No Touch” Utilization Enhances Results with Minimum Fuss

VJPU 2015; 2: 047

Michael Dennis

Key Words: Penoscrotal, Penile Implant, “no touch”

This video describes some novel enhancements to the classic surgical technique of penoscrotal implantation of inflatable penile prosthesis. The author has pioneered two enhancements that address some of the most problematic of all surgical developments following inflatable penile prosthesis implantation – wound dehiscence and device infection. A vertical surgical incision is made, the self-retaining scrotal retractor deployed in a routine fashion and the corporal exposure is obtained. Then instruments are exchanged, gloves changed and a transparent surgical drape placed over the retractor. A new set of hooks secures the barrier drape after a small window is made. This allows “no touch” to prevent the implant from touching the patient’s skin. Closure of the vertical wound is accomplished in three layers alternating horizontal and vertical juxtaposition decreasing the risk of wound dehiscence

Acknowledgements: educational grant from Coloplast.

Disclosures: none

References: none, new technique