Technical considerations in Ambicor replacement with IPP

VJPU 2016; 2: 071

Jenna Maggin, Kara Choate, Andrew Kramer

Keywords: Ambicor revision, penile implant, maserati penis, remove replace, penile prosthesis

Introduction: Penile implant revision surgery involves nuanced steps that include more than simply taking out the old device- it is an opportunity to perfect the next device. Here, an Ambicor is removed, with distal tips, exit tubings, and cylinders revised with the new device placement.
Case presentation
: A malfunctioning Ambicor penile implant is presented which is removed, and a new 3 piece infltable device placed. All of the steps, including some opportunities to revise the IPP are highlighted. The removal process and replacement procedure can be seen in detail.
The preparation for surgery for the patient can be seen, as well as the approach of tracing pump and exit tubings to best access the Ambicor are seen. With the scaffold of the old device, the implant spaces can be best approached, and then the new IPP placed. Improvements can be seen with the various steps of the new device, with a focus on cylinders and exit tubing.
Outcome (if applicable):
A before and after approach is taken to assess how a malfunctioning device may also have other sub-par issues that can be surgically repaired. A better cosmetic and functional outcome can be achieved with a systematic surgical approach.
Revision surgery for device malfunction is always an opportunity for the patient to get every imperfect nuance of the previous device perfected. Here, a dramatic improvement in exit tubings and cylinder placement is undertaken. The Ambicor is a successful device and has been used for years, as well as the 3 piece IPP. However steps can always be taken when revising devices, and the 3 piece penile implant has certain advantages as well that can be achieved.