Dorsal Phalloplasty: Minimizing shortening upon Penile Prosthesis Implantation by Tucking in the Penile Pubic Junction

Shaeer, K and Shaeer O.
Cairo University, Egypt

Key Words: Lengthening procedure, Penile Implant, Suprapubic fixation, Penoscrotal

This video attempts to address the concern regarding perceived loss of penile length with placement of a penile prosthesis. It offers potential advantages in patients with significant suprapubic fat pad, Peyronie’s disease and post radical prostatectomy. A permanent braided suture is fixed to periosteum of the symphysis pubis and the corresponding subdermal region of the penopubic junction. Typically one, but up to three sutures can be placed to facilitate penile exposure and perceived “lengthening”. The sutures are preplaced and then tied with the implant fully inflated. This allows approximately 2-3 cm of increased visible length of the penis following penile implantation via a penoscrotal incision.