Shaeer’s Corporal Rotation

Shaeer, Osama
Cairo University, Egypt

Key words: Congenital curvature, Plication, Length preservation

Penile curvature is a common finding and can prevent normal sexual relations if the curvature is greater than 30° ventrally. There are limited non-operative options available and most patients will require surgical correction. Consensus dictates that a plication should be offered to the younger man that presents with congenital curvature of the penis as a grafting procedure puts erectile function at significant risk. Through a subcoronal circumcising incision the dorsal aspects of the corporal bodies are exposed, rotated and sutured together. The curvature inducing forces that originate in the ventral aspect of the corporal bodies are rotated outward and laterally, thereby opposing and neutralizing each other, to achieve straightening. This is accomplished without the shortening associated with typical plications. The main issue, as noted by the author, is that patient should be aware of some narrowing at the point of maximal curvature.

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