Reduction Scrotoplasty with Simultaneous Placement of Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

Baumgarten A; Carrion, R; Hakki, T; Parker, J; Yang C
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida, USA

Key Words. Penile lengthening, Scrotal reduction, Scrotoplasty, Penile Prosthesis,

For men with redundant scrotal skin and severe erectile dysfunction, the simultaneous placement of a penile prosthesis with reduction scrotoplasty offers improved cosmetics and functionality with one procedure. A slight modification of the ventral “phalloplasty” allows more of the excess scrotum to be excised with an additional lift of the dartos fascia of the scrotum to prevent any postoperative drop. There appears to be no delay in teaching and using the penile prosthesis with the addition of a reduction scrotoplasty.

Acknowledgments: Education from Coloplast
Disclosures: Consultant Coloplast, AMS, Neotract