Communication Skills In Prosthetic Urology: Part I

Steven K Wilson, MD, FACS, FRCS

Key Words: prosthetic urology, penile implant, Communication

In this video high volume prosthetic urologists are all given the same patient to interview. The patient has end stage Erectile Dysfunction, has failed the phosphodiesterase inhibitors, and doesn’t want to try the injections or vacuum therapy. The physician knows the patient’s only solution is a penile implant. Each of the large volume implanters are asked to speak to the patient in a way that will allow the patient to exit the first interview remembering positive points about the implant that will enhance his desire to make his decision to have the surgery. In contrast to Part 2 of Communication Skills in Prosthetic Urology, the physicians knew in advance what the situation was and had time to prepare their patient interview.

Acknowledgements: funded by and educational grant from Coloplast
Disclosures: Consultant for Abeon, AMS, Coloplast, NeoTract, Sontec
References: None