Delayed vs Acute Penile Implant in Cases of Severe Priapism

VJPU 2016; 2: 089

Authors: V. Dawson, A. Kramer, MD

Key words: priapism, penile implant, acute priapism

The video covers the debate surrounding whether to place a penile implant in the acute setting of priapism. The conventional management of priapism typically includes phenylephrine solution and irrigation, followed by various shunts- such as T-shunts and Quackles shunts. The corporal fibrosis following severe priapism and shunts can be severe, causing penile shortening and deformity, as well as making the ultimate penile implant surgery technically challenging In the acute setting, technical challenges and abnormal anatomy is also seen. Video of penile implants done in the delayed setting after long time periods with shunts and injections is demonstrated, with the techniques required to complete these cases. Next, an acute priapism penile implant is shown, with the technical measures required to perform this surgery. The pros and cons are discussed in each with a focus on the anatomy and technical pearls.

Acknowledgements: none

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