Sub-Rectus Penile Implant Reservoir Placement

VJPU 2017; 2: 106

Title: Sub-Rectus Penile Implant Reservoir Placement

Authors: Tariq S. Hakky, Anthony B. Davis, Audrey Alexander

Key words: Reservoir, Ectopic reservoir, penile prosthesis implantation
Traditionally the placement of the inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) reservoir has been into the space of Retzius. This can be associated with bladder, bowel and vascular injuries. Dr. Perito et al presented placement of the IPP reservoir into a submuscular space in pateint’s who have had prior abdominal surgery to avoid these complications. However, certain patient’s may have bilateral inguinal mesh operations, revascularization bypass procedures and transplant surgeries in both groins making either approach potential dangerous for IPP reservoir placement. In this video, we present Dr. Hakky’s technique of inserting the reservoir posterior to the rectus abdominis muscle behind the rectus fascia via a midline incision in a patient with prior abdominal operations, with a transplant kidney and transplant pancreas in either groin.

Acknowledgements: None

Disclosure: Dr. Hakky is a paid consultation for Coloplast

1. Perito PE, Wilson SK. Traditional (retroperitoneal) and abdominal wall (ectopic) reservoir placement. J Sex Med 2011; 8:656-9.