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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 10:51

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Welcome to the VJPU library of sexual medicine videos. While our content is predominantly prosthetic urology, we also have non prosthetic videos from the field of sexual medicine. We encourage you to return to the website frequently as new videos are constantly being accepted. Four enhancements will facilitate your perusal of our library.

Recent Video Submissions:

When you open “peer reviewed videos” the most recent videos are immediately displayed. This is the easiest way to stay current for frequent users of the site.


If you are looking for a particular subject, e.g., reservoir placement, you can type your topic in the SEARCH window and you will see all the videos featuring reservoir placement in our archives. Then merely click on the video that interests you and watch it.


If you want to browse and see all the different types of videos archived, push the category button and you will see the extensive index of topics available. If a category piques your interest, click the category and those videos will appear for you to select one for viewing.


If you are looking for a particular author’s submissions, scroll through the list and click on their name. All the individual’s videos will appear.

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