Multiple slit incisions with Tachosil® grafting for treatment of Peyronie’s disease and ED

Authors: Ahmed M. Ragheb, Daniar K. Osmonov

Key Words: Peyronie’s, slit, incisions, Tachosil, grafting

Plaque incision or partial excision with collagen fleece grafting and inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) implantation is a well-established treatment for severe penile curvatures associated with ED. Nevertheless, multiple plaque incisions combined with Tachosil® grafting may have added advantages. In this video, we demonstrate, step-by-step, the treatment of a case of severe ED with an over 60 degree dorsal curvature mainly on the left side and an hour glass indentation on the right side of the penile shaft. We highlight the advantages of multiple plaque incisions and Tachosil® grafting combined with IPP implantation for these specific cases.

Acknowledgements: None

Disclosures: None


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